Buy Car Insurance Online

We all want to live in a world of convenience and when time does not permit us to call or walk into a brick and mortar shop to speak with professionals about our needs, we turn to the internet. The internet has afforded us the luxury of shopping online, but most importantly with the various websites available we are able to compare prices on items and find the best deals.

When looking for car insurance, a great way to do a comprehensive search for multiple rates is by performing the search online.

When searching online for car insurance make sure that you are visiting direct sites, such as Allstate, Geico or State Farm to see what their rates are. Another way of searching is by visiting sites that will give you a comparison to multiple rates design by the parameters that you set forth.

Because there could be several discounts available to you, you will want to use a site that has options to check mark areas that will provide the deepest discounts. Let's get started with a list of discounts that are available.

Car Insurance Discounts

Safe Driver Discount

A safe driver discount will allow a drive to have discounts off the top of their rates. This typically is given to drivers that do not have accidents or tickets on record for a specific amount of years. Safe driving is a great discount that allows the insurance company to show that you are less of a risk on the road.

Student Discount

Some insurance companies give discounts to students who maintain good grades in school. This discount comes with age restriction on most carriers, but can save students sometimes as much as up to 20% off their rate.

Air Bags and Restraints

Some insurance companies have added discounts for cars and trucks that are equipped with air bags and motorized restraints. Most cars these days are equipped with air bags, but not all with motorized restraints. These restraints are designed to seatbelt you in when you turn the engine on, allowing for you to never forget to fasten your belt.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Anti-lock brakes on your car will afford you an even deeper discount. These types of breaks will reduce accidents and help to keep you safe on less than desirable roads. Several models of cars have this type of braking system standard now.

Anti-Theft Devices

Devices that ward off thieves and keep your vehicle in one piece are seen as an asset by car insurance agencies. These devices that can be installed on virtually any vehicle deter thieves from stealing and even stripping or selling your car. Some more popular devices include, low jack, standard alarms, wheel locks, steering locks, and engine kill switches.

Safety Devices

Safety devices are also seen as assets by car insurance companies. These types of devices offer more stability to the car and their driver. Some devices, which do include airbag mentioned earlier, also can include front and back cameras to see if you are close to another car or object. Steel side beams prevent injury if the car is in a side impact accident, and emergency alert mechanisms that call EMS if your car has been in an accident and you are unresponsive.

These types of safety devices are part of or installed on the car allowing for deeper discounts. When you buy car insurance online make sure you understand all safety features that your car has available.


Special Auto Insurance Privileges


Car insurance companies have expanded in recent years to blanket services that you may need for your home and life as well. When insurance carriers provide services to multiple needs they often are able to provide discounts for bundling all of your services with one company. This can be used as a convenience to you and your agent, allowing one contact for all of your needs. Keep in mind that bundling can also apply to insuring multiple cars with one company.


Some insurance agencies that allow you to buy insurance online offer a membership. When the agency has a membership option if maybe wise to weigh if this club will allow you deeper discounts on your car insurance. Club memberships might be useful in other areas of life such as the way that AAA works. This club offers various discounts on insurance, travel, and car rental to name a few.

Driver Education

Auto insurance companies offer discounts to those who take defensive driving classes and update this course yearly. Although not all insurance companies allow a discount for driving classes, some offer as much as 10% off your rate. Information on classes can be typically given by your agent or your local DMV office.

Senior Driver

People that have reached 60 years of age and older, can usually apply their age for a discount on their car insurance. When you buy car insurance online you are always asked for your age. When your rate is applied, be sure to ask if you have received a discount for your age bracket.

Low mileage

When you buy car insurance online you may not see an area where the vehicle miles are logged. It is important to inquire about this however, as the amount of miles your car has can directly affect your car insurance rate. Low mileage readings on your car can lower your rate by sometimes up to 10%. Once your car insurance is set up, if you have a significant change in the amount of driving you do, be sure to ask your agent about applying this valuable discount.


It is well known that military personnel can take advantage of discounts at restaurants, on housing and even medical insurance. However not everyone knows that a member of the military is also eligible for discounts when they buy car insurance online. These discounts are often available to current and veteran military personnel as well as their families. Ensure that you check with your agent for this type of discount as it can vary from agency to agency.

As you can see there are various ways to obtain discounts when you buy car insurance online. It is important to remember however that even if you do not see the discount online there is several that can be added after the fact. Car insurance can be very pricey and increase by several factors. Discount in any form are a real saver for everyone.